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Improve Business Studies HSC Results by using these books:

How to write the Business Studies Report 2009 Edition

How to write the Business Studies Extended Response 2009 Edition

How to Investigate and Use Financial Information in Business Studies 2009 Edition

How to use Case Studies in Business Studies 2009

Business Studies Stuvac: The Final Review in Business Studies 2009 Edition

Literacy and Numeracy in Business Studies 2009 Edition

Business Studies terminology and the way that business studies uses language and expression to communicate business studies knowledge and skills is a critical foundation of successful learning and teaching in Business Studies. Each topic and case study incorporates specific terms and concepts that give meaning to the underlying business ideas. In teaching and learning sequences these must be defined, understood and explained clearly.

This teacher text overviews critical strategies literacy and numeracy pedagogy to improve pedagogy.

The text includes chapters on:

Definitions and explanations
Language and literacy applications in business studies Application - using the terms in context and application
Language Exploration and literacy processes
Multimodal representations of concepts and ideas in business studies to develop student intellectual quality in their responses in exam situations
Language Use
Strategies to maximise literacy and numeracy efficacy out of class
Research skills in Business studies
Evaluating and analysing website knowledge sources
Using glossaries and dictionaries
Language use in business studies

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