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Recent Articles

The articles below comprise Volume 6 Number 2 of the IARTEM e-Journal published August 2014

Editorial Volume 6 No 2

Popow, Monika. (2014). The analysis of discursive constructions of national identity in Polish literature textbooks. IARTEM e-Journal 6 (2) 1 – 19 (Abstract) (Article)

Chalhoub, Faten, Hodkinson, Alan & Ververi, Olga. (2014). Employment of American and British first language textbooks as a foreign language resource in private schools in South Lebanon. IARTEM e-Journal 6 (2) 21-43 (Abstract) (Article)

Iversen, Jan Viggo. (2014). Knowledge of teaching resources in the training of primary and lower secondary school teachers. IARTEM e-Journal 6 (2) 44-70 (Abstract) (Article)

Reichenberg, Monica. (2014). Predicting teachers’ choice of teaching and learning materials: A survey study with Swedish teachers. IARTEM e-Journal 6 (2) 71-93 (Abstract) (Article)

The articles below comprise Volume 6 Number 1 of the IARTEM e-Journal published January 2014

Editorial Volume 6 No 1

Hodkinson, Alan (2014). 'Safe spaces' - Electronic media, the Internet, and the representation of disability. IARTEM e-Journal 6 (1) 1 - 20 (Abstract) (Article)

Darani, Ahmadi Parviz and Talebinejad, Mohammad Reza (2014). Evaluation of in-House and global ESP textbooks: A Genre-Based approach. IARTEM e-Journal 6 (1) 21 - 37 (Abstract) (Article)

Keith, Becky., Sloas, Stacey, B., Mooney., Melody, & Norris, Tracie. (2014). Readability of PTA textbooks and reading comprehension rates of PTA students. IARTEM e-Journal 6 (1) 38 - 47 (Abstract) (Article)

Ambrosetti, Angelina (2014). Teaching and learning materials utilised in professional development for mentor teachers. IARTEM e-Journal 6 (1) 49 - 63 (Abstract) (Article)

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